Upgrading Your Factory Ford Ranger Next-Gen Audio

You love your “next-gen” Ford Ranger, it’s capable, versatile, and feature-packed with a large 12″ infotainment system with vehicle settings, direct control of factory features, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and more. However, if you didn’t spring for the Bang & Olufsen optional audio system, you’ve noticed the audio quality is well… “ok”.

What if we told you, we could improve your Ford Ranger audio experience with an easy plug-and-play upgrade to give you the same volume output, future upgradability, and dynamic sound without needing to replace speakers or deal with expensive extra hardware?

No Mess Installation

With its vehicle-specific harnesses, the DSP-FO3 offers an amazing choice for owners of base model vehicles featuring a 12″ or 10″ display that has 6 speakers only.

Designed for Australian Ford Rangers

Beat-Sonic working with local distributors has pre-tuned the Encore X’s digital sound processor for the optimal sound output with local Ford Ranger vehicles for dramatically improved audio output, louder, clearer, and more bass.

Features and Features

  • Ultra-compact amplifier seamlessly installs to the factory stereo system.
  • 100% Plug & Play Installation. No extra harnesses are required
  • Significantly improves the sound quality with more clarity and powerful sound output between low, mid, and high ranges.
  • Experience higher quality sound while keeping factory speakers and head unit.
  • Preloaded DSP audio tune for the +22 Ford Ranger and +23 Volkswagen Amarok but customizable with downloadable software from Beat-Sonic
  • Future upgrade ready with RCA audio output for additional aftermarket amplifiers or underseat subwoofers.

Upgrade your Ford Ranger Next Generation today with Encore X now available at Stinger Australia Off-Road

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