Offroad Mapping On the Big Screen

Australia offers some amazing landscapes with endless opportunities for thrilling four-wheel driving adventures. Whether you’re exploring the rugged Outback, navigating sandy coastal tracks, or conquering challenging mountain trails, having the right offroad mapping system is essential.

Gaia GPS, one of the world’s most popular trail and offroad mapping services (available either on a Free or Premium Paid version), boasts an extensive collection of detailed topographic maps specifically tailored for the Australian offroad experience. Paired with the large 10″ display of the Stinger HEIGH10 and your mobile phone, you’ve got a large easy-to-use high-quality mapping at your fingertips.

Why Gaia GPS + Stinger HEIGH10?

Offline Mapping for Remote Adventures (Premium Gaia GPS feature)
One of the standout features of Gaia GPS is its ability to function offline, making it an ideal companion for remote four-wheel driving in Australia. When venturing into areas with limited or no cellular coverage, Gaia GPS can pre-download maps and trails, ensuring uninterrupted navigation throughout your expedition. This offline capability provides peace of mind, allowing you to explore remote regions without relying on an internet connection

Trail Recommendations and Ratings
Navigating Australia’s vast offroad network can be overwhelming, especially for those unfamiliar with the region. With Gaia GPS you can discover popular trails, explore user-generated content, and read reviews to gain insights into trail conditions, challenges, and scenic highlights. This valuable information helps you plan your adventures more effectively, ensuring an enjoyable and safe offroad experience.

Big Screen Action
The Stinger HEIGH10’s integration with Gaia GPS via Android Auto or Apple Carplay provides advanced navigation tools designed to enhance your four-wheel driving journey. With features such as waypoint marking, route creation, and real-time tracking, you can customize your routes, mark points of interest, and visualize your progress on the maps. Now imagine it all controlled via Stinger HEIGH10’s clear user interface and high-resolution 10″ display. Pretty cool right?

This level of control allows you to adapt to changing conditions, explore alternate paths, and tailor your offroad experience to suit your preferences and skill level. All by just plugging your phone into the Stinger HEIGH10

Real-time Weather Updates (Premium Gaia GPS feature)
Australia’s climate can be unpredictable, especially in remote regions. Gaia GPS provides real-time weather updates, allowing you to stay informed about changing weather conditions along your route. With this information, you can plan accordingly, ensuring your safety and avoiding potentially hazardous situations. The ability to monitor weather conditions in real time is invaluable when embarking on extended four-wheel driving journeys.

Online Journey Planning and Updates
Gaia GPS offers the unique ability with multi-device compatibility

  • Plan and sync your journey before you leave the comfort of your home via your PC or mobile
  • Take photos and notes with your tracks, POI, and saved locations with Gaia GPS on your phone
  • Upload them to your Gaia GPS account for cross-platform access
  • Share your saved data (POI, saved locations, etc) with friends and other Gaia GPS users

It’s that good, we even use it ourselves! See more on the Stinger HEIGH10 by clicking here. Gaia GPS is available for download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.



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