How to Install: Stinger HEIGH10 Infotainment in 2014-2019 RAM Truck

Stinger HEIGH10 RAM Truck Upgrade Kit

If you own a RAM Truck, you might be wondering how to upgrade your radio with a modern and sleek touchscreen infotainment system. Well, you are in luck, because I will introduce you to the Stinger Heigh10 RAM Truck Pack, the complete radio replacement kit that will transform your truck’s dashboard and enhance your driving experience.

The Stinger Heigh10 RAM Truck Pack is a plug-and-play package that includes everything you need to install a 10-inch, flush-mount touchscreen infotainment system in your RAM Truck. The kit comes with a custom dash kit that matches the factory color and texture of your truck, a wiring harness that connects to the existing factory connectors, a steering wheel control interface that retains all the original functions, and a backup camera retention harness that allows you to use your existing camera or add a new one.

The Stinger Heigh10 RAM Truck Pack is compatible with the Stinger Heigh10, the flagship infotainment system from Stinger Electronics. The Heigh10 features a stunning 10-inch capacitive touchscreen that supports multi-touch gestures, HD resolution, and anti-glare technology. You can also connect your smartphone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and enjoy hands-free calling, texting, music streaming, and navigation.

Features & Settings

The Heigh10 also integrates seamlessly with your RAM Truck’s features and settings. You can view and interact with the on-screen climate controls, vehicle settings, tire pressure, parking sensors, and more. You can also customize the display with different wallpapers, widgets, and colors. The Heigh10 also supports a range of accessories and add-ons, such as HDMI input, USB input, and more.

The Heigh10 also delivers high-quality sound to your speakers, thanks to its built-in 4 x 50W amplifier and 15-band graphic equalizer. Tweak the sound to your liking using the onboard EQ presets and subwoofer-level control. You can also add external amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers to create your own custom sound system.

The Stinger Heigh10 RAM Truck Pack is the ultimate radio replacement kit for your RAM Truck. It combines a 10-inch, flush-mount touchscreen infotainment system with a plug-and-play installation kit that retains all the OEM features and adds new ones. If you are interested in getting one, you can visit the Stinger Electronics website for more information and ordering details. You can also watch some videos of the Stinger Heigh10 RAM Truck Pack in action on their YouTube channel. Trust me, you will love it.

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