LED Rock lights, are they useful?

No doubt, most of us reading this right now have come across advertisements and social media images of rock lights, in some form of a colour attached to an outlandish 4×4 in the US. “I’d never do that to my Toyota, Nissan, Jeep, ‘insert make and model” you’ve said. These are for guys who want to have a rolling rave party!

Can LED Rock Lights actually be useful when off-roading and overlanding in the Australian country?

Recently, we fitted a 12-way set of TrailPRO RGB/W Rock lights to our 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland and I’m here to say, you should too. With the rock lights installed in the wheel arches, bumpers, and rock slider areas, it really got me thinking of how much easier these can make life at night with your 4×4

  • Need to change a tire? You’ve got light
  • Off-Roading and need to check for clearance? You’ve got light
  • Suspension issues? engine leaking something? You’ve got light.

They Can Be Practical Too!

After a solid day of navigating and hitting the tracks we encountered Burgoyne Track in the Victorian high country, and taking longer than we expected, it got dark, real dark. With a quick switch of the exterior lights including the TrailPRO rock lights we were able to:

  • Get decent tire placement and navigate some tough terrain we normally would struggle in the dark
  • Let others know where we were on the trail (Hi to the 80 series fella we passed on the track at dusk)
  • Then able to check the tire sidewalls for damage when we got back to camp.
  • Even lit up a good part of the campsite when we were set up with minimal power usage.

Rock lights proved to be surprisingly handy while we traveled back an hour or two in the dark to camp.

Now for the outlandish of you, these lights do have thousands of color options if you so wish to match your vehicle’s style which is easily controllable via the Bluetooth application on your phone as well as selectable pure white LED output. Amazing! Save your color choice and no need to open the Bluetooth app till you wish to change it again.

We’ve got 4-Way (TPRGBW4) and 12-Way (TPRGBW12) kits available which are also able to be controlled from one application. For those not wanting selectable colors, we do have fixed white packs available with two super bright white LED lights included (TPWHITERL2)


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