SWITCHHUB 4 Channel Digital Solid State Relay

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Replace up to 4 relays, circuit breakers, and fuses with one compact design unit. The Stinger SwitchHUB is one of the best onboard power management and power monitor relay banks around.

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Clean up and neaten your vehicle wiring with the Stinger Electronics SwitchHUB. This high-current centralized power management system takes the place of up to 4 relays, 4 fuses, or circuit breakers in one!

How Does It Work?

Requiring just a single power supply from your vehicle battery and ground strap, the Stinger SwitchHUB’s outputs are easily controlled by either low ampere positive or negative signals. Compatible with just regular rocker switches or existing vehicle networks. Each output is protected with thermal overload and short circuits for total system protection which is easily seen by the LED status indicators for the Thermal/Overload, Active/Inactive status.

Need More Amp Output?

With Stinger SwitchHUB, you can link outputs for combined higher amperage (e.g. CH 1+2 to give a total 60amp)

SwitchHUB eliminates the clutter of multiple high-current relays. fuses/circuit breakers and the accompanying wiring. Neaten up your installation and make wiring design easy!

Features & Benefits 

  • Great for high-vibration environments (track/trail 4×4/4WD vehicles, boats, Caravans, etc)
  • Visible display of channel outputs via easy-to-see LED indicators
  • Compatible with 12v power or ground signal from aftermarket switches or existing vehicle wiring
  • Uses a single large power connection for easy neat installation
  • Auto thermal protection shuts off when an over-current is detected.
  • Auto short circuit protection
  • Small compact size and design
  • Channels can be connected in parallel for devices requiring a higher amp rating
  • A combined total of 100 amp continuous rating

Use To Power & Monitor 12v devices including

  • Fridges
  • Lightbars & Driving lights
  • Air Compressors
  • LED Whips / Rock lights
  • Auxillary Lights
  • Electric Cooling Fans
  • Electric Fuel Pumps
  • and other 12v interior/exterior devices

Want more control?

Compatible with Stinger’s SPXM1 multimedia player on-screen relay control system for total integration.


  • 1x 40 Amp Output
  • 3x 20 Amp Output
  • 4x Negative Trigger Inputs
  • 4x Positive Trigger Inputs
  • Active / Inactive Status LEDs
  • Thermal Protection LEDs
  • Short Circuit Protection LEDs
  • IPX6 Rated Construction
  • Off-Road / Marine Ready
  • Dimensions: 6.5″ X 2.75″ X 1″

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