150 Amp Circuit Breaker

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Protect your power accessories with Stinger’s range of SGP circuit breakers. The ultimate circuit protection.

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Stinger SGP90xxx series circuit breakers are an excellent choice for circuit protection when the ability to easily set/reset/defeat the circuit is desired.
Perfect for applications where power loads will meet or even slightly exceed the load rating (based on time duration)

The load capability of the breaker is also temperature-dependent and will affect the load breakpoint and should be taken into consideration during system design.

SGP90xxx series breakers have very predictable characteristics that can be forecasted based on amperage load, duty cycle, and ambient temperature.

Audio System Example:

In a typical installation in an audio application where the breaker will be protecting an amplifier circuit. The transient characteristics of music will see an amplifier load swing drastically between min and max of the system when driven hard. An amplifier that has a full amperage of 150A may swing as high as 180A + and as low as 2A during use. This will work out to an average close to half the fuse rating of the amplifier (75A) and is well within the range of the circuit breaker (if 150A was selected) to allow for the continuous playing of this system. If there is an issue with the system, a spike with a longer duration (fault) will trip the breaker and protect the system.

Extreme Audio System/ Constant Load Example:
In an extreme audio installation or other constant load application, the capacity of the circuit breaker will decline in direct relation to the time and size of the load, referencing chart #1. This would apply to other similar situations like the use of inverters and other constant load devices.


  • Accepts 1/0Ga (70mm2 Cable) or 4Ga Cable (25mm2 Cable)
  • Easy Reset / Disconnect
  • The Ultimate Circuit Protection
  • 150 Amp Rating (SGP90150)

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