Roadkill Hood Liner

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RoadKill’s Under Hood Liner reduces engine noise and and bay temperatures.

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Engine bay temperatures can get pretty crazy, especially with high-performance cars with turbochargers, superchargers, extractors, etc. This heat will slowly heat up your vehicle’s hood/bonnet and can risk cooking the paint. The last thing you want. Stinger Roadkill Hood Liner is designed to block the heat convection from the hot air flowing from the radiator and around your motor from damaging your hood.

Reduce Engine Bay Noise

Much like how Stinger Roadkill Expert sheeting can reduce road noise in the vehicle, Stinger Roadkill Hood Liner is designed to reduce engine bay noise that you can hear in the vehicle. Much like high-end luxury vehicles have. Stinger Roadkill Hood Liner can be used on hoods/bonnets as well as firewalls of the vehicle. It even can be used around the house, garage, or shed!

Easy To Install

Stinger Roadkill Hood Liner is easily installed. Remove any old hood lining material or possible surface rust. Prep the surface by cleaning with methylated spirits or wax and grease remover.
Simply cut with scissors or a sharp knife to size, peel, and with its self-adhesive backing, stick to the surface you want to use it on. Conforms easily to the shape of your firewall or hood.

Thats it!

What Do You Get?

Each Stinger Roadkill Hood Liner (RKXHL) Includes:

Sheet Count

1 Sheet of RoadKill Hood Lining Material


Total coverage of 12sq feet (32″ x 64″)

Additional Information

Manufacturer Part Number





12 Months