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Improve your speaker bass response and overall sound performance. Most vehicles come equipped with speakers, but let’s face it, its not the best environment for high-quality sound.

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Let’s face it. Most off-road vehicles are not made with interior quietness main goal. These vehicles from the factory have little to no sound damping leading to road noise, rattling panels, and very average climate control (Airconditioning & heating). What if we could improve all of that? Enter Stinger Roadkill.

Setting Roadkill apart from the competition is the amazing thermal properties of the material itself. Designed to be used between -60deg F to 300deg F, Stinger Roadkill helps reduce the heat and cold as it passes through the vehicle’s panels. The result is a cooler interior cabin in summer and a warmer interior cabin with less thrashing of your vehicle’s air-conditioning or heater much like insulation in your own house.

It also works great on firewalls to reduce high temperatures coming into the vehicle from the exhaust and high engine bay temperatures. The best part of all, Stinger Roadkill is odorless and non-toxic so no horrible smells when it’s applied to your vehicle like other cheap sound-damping materials.

The Stinger Roadkill Difference

  • Excellent Insulation – More efficient AC and heating performance
  • Better Interior Temperatures – Think of it like insulation in your house
  • Easy To Install – Just measure, cut and apply
  • Better Sound – Improved speaker performance and bass output
  • Made from a proprietary ultra-dense butyl blend.

Examples Of Where To Use

  • Firewalls – Impves Cabin Insulation / Reduces Unwanted Engine Noise + Road Noise / Reduces Exhaust Heat Transfer Into Cabin
  • Floors – Improves Cabin Insulation / Reduces Cabin Echo From Road Noise / Reduces Exhaust Heat Transfer Into Cabin
  • Behind Headliner – Improves Cabin Insulation / Reduces Cabin Echo From Road Noise
  • Inside Doors – Improves Cabin insulation / Reduce Road Noise / Improve Audio Speaker Performance
  • Rear Cargo Area – Improves Cabin Insulation / Reduces Cabin Echo From Road Noise / Reduces Exhaust Heat Transfer Into Cabin

Features & Specifications

  • Aluminum outer layer
  • Self-adhesive
  • Easy installation
  • Use on all metal panels, doors, roof, floor, firewall & trunk
  • Kills panel resonance, squeaks, and rattles
  • Highest damping vs. weight ratio of any material available
  • Aluminum Layer Thickness: 6mil
  • Application Temperature -62C to 149C
  • Damping Weight 0.65lbs/ft2

How Much Do I Get?

  • Total Coverage: 4sq feet (12″ x 24″)
  • 2 Sheets In Pack

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12 Months

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