iSimple Tranzit BLU Universal Bluetooth Kit

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Want to add Bluetooth Handsfree plus Bluetooth audio to your vehicle?
The PACISFM2351 is the easiest way to add Bluetooth hands-free, Bluetooth audio, and voice recognition.

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Want to add Bluetooth Handsfree plus Bluetooth audio to your vehicle?
The PACISFM2351 is the easiest way to add Bluetooth handsfree, Bluetooth audio and Voice recognition.

Connecting To Your Ride
With its built-in FM Modulator, the TranzitBLU HF can be added to any vehicle featuring an FM radio connection using its standard antenna connections or with our Stinger Australia range of vehicle-specific adaptors.

Unlike most FM transmitters where the reception is terrible and scratchy, the built-in FM modulator blocks out all external radio frequencies when the call or audio is being used.
Have a 3.5mm AUX Jack? The included 3.5mm harness means you can plug straight into your vehicle with ease for your audio playback and calls.

Can’t Touch This… Phone
With some state laws not even allowing you to touch your phone, the TranzitBLU HF’s VR function means from the press of the 5c sized button, you can launch your phone’s voice recognition software whether it is Siri or OK Google.

Get Your Groove On
Spotify, Youtube Music, iTunes, Google Play, everyone’s music library pretty much live on their phone. Now you can listen to your favorite songs from your radio system via your phone with the TranzitBLU HF’s Bluetooth audio capabilities in fantastic audio quality.

Be In Control
The TranzitBLU HF’s included 5c sized control button is sleek and clean offering control of Answer, Hang-up, Next track, and voice recognition lanch without unsightly displays and awful chunky buttons on your dash.

Compatible With The Best
Own an Android-based phone? Maybe you have an iPhone (we’re sorry to hear)? The TranzitBLU HF is compatible with both systems giving you great phone call and audio playback support.

Compatibility Notes

  • PLEASE NOTE: As of 2022, the iOS and Android applications available to change the FM Frequency of this product are out of date and are not supported.
  • This unit has a 3.5mm output harness to plug into a vehicle AUX jack. This product does not have AUX INPUT.
  • Vehicle must have FM Radio with standard FM Antenna connection

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